Low Back Knowledge - From the Best In the World

Dr. Hawkins attended a seminar in Naples, FL taught by two of the top musculoskeletal doctors in the world. The seminar covered the most up to date techniques for treating lower back injury and rehabilitation exercises.

Dr. Pavel Kolar from Prague, Czechoslovakia presented developmental neurology and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. His examination allows us to see the motor patterns of patient’s brains and how those patterns are causing injury. Treatment teaches patient’s brains (not their muscles) to recall the safe patterns that we all had as children but lost due to old injury or repeated poor postures.

Dr. Stuart McGill is the director of spine research from the University of Waterloo, Canada and is highly sought for rehabilitation of tough pain cases in top athletes around the world. He taught spine sparing strategies and functional rehabilitation exercises. His most exciting topic was performance enhancement exercises for the elite athlete. He also presented research from his lab about the exact mechanisms of low back injury.

This information was presented and debated and challenging cases were treated by both physicians. Two of the patients were top level athletes, an Olympic sprinter and a champion mixed martial artist, and the others were long-time chronic back pain cases in average men. Attendees as well as the presenters could obviously see that both methods applied together made for the most effective rehabilitation of the worst backs.

Attendance of this seminar was by invitation and with only 50 invitations sent across the US, the two doctors feel very privileged to have been invited, and are now able to bring this information back to Spring Hill and benefit its toughest pain cases. For more information about In Motion Spine & Joint Center please visit WWW.IMSJC.COM or call 615-302-4747.