Quality Supplements - Hype or Necessity

This year a large Multiple Sclerosis research group made some very interesting findings of common over-the-counter (OTC) vitamin D supplements. They found that many patients aren’t getting what they pay for or worse yet, what they need.

They took 10 OTC brands of vitamin D and compared what the bottles said to what was actually found in each pill or capsule. They found that the average brand only contained 33% of what was claimed, ONE THIRD! One of the worst brands contained around 1% of the labeled claim and the best was 82%.

The great concern with this inconsistency is that patients with Multiple Sclerosis need certain levels of Vitamin D to regulate their immune system and fight against osteoporosis, which is very common among MS patients. Physicians recommend levels of Vitamin D depending on the patient’s individual needs, however 4000 IU daily is common. If a patient received only 33% that’s 1320 IU; not close to the needed value.

The problem is that supplements aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, or any outside agency. Therefore, some companies, without worry of repercussion, cut corners on the expense of providing the full quantity of vitamin or mineral or compromise on quality products or processing.

My readers should draw their own conclusions about what other supplements besides Vit. D actually provide….or don’t provide. As a physician, my office cannot worry with the inconsistencies mentioned here. We offer products by one of the only brands that make supplements AND pharmaceuticals. This mandates strict regulation of their entire product line by the FDA. We receive periodic “third party assays” (outside source quality testing) stating exactly what was found in each product. For more information contact us at In Motion Spine & Joint Center, consult your primary care physician, or ask your local vitamin store about third party assay results. Don’t throw away your money on poor quality or quantity products and as always Get In Motion Spring Hill.

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