Tension Headaches

Many patients come into the office with headaches that have been diagnosed as migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, etc. and end up getting great relief under our care. The reason I feel that they benefit so greatly is because most headaches have multiple causes and commonly, one of those causes is muscle and joint dysfunction.

In this article I will go over a few of the musculoskeletal conditions that contribute to headaches and what symptoms you may feel with that condition.

TMJ or Jaw Dysfunction is a common cause of tension headaches. Pain is usually just in front of the ear and can radiate around the ear or toward the temples. It can be associated with chewing, or get worse at night for those that “clinch.”

Those with shoulder trouble can get tension headaches as well. Problems in the shoulder force the neck muscles to work overtime to accomplish tasks at or above shoulder level. The overworked muscles tug on their sensitive attachments at the skull and cause the headache and referral of pain. Pain is often around the base of the skull to the forehead or temple.

Poor posture is another heavy hitter. Desk workers or anyone that spends a lot of time with their neck and shoulders forward are the main target. They get sort of “locked” into this position and repetitively strain their upper back and neck muscles from fighting gravity. This person’s headache often starts at the base of the neck and goes in a band around the head or behind the eye.

If you are a headache sufferer and get great results with your current treatment, wonderful; but if your relief is less than ideal you may have a tension component to your headaches. You have nothing to lose but your headaches by consulting with Dr. Hawkins or Dr. House, who treat these conditions with high success rates. At In Motion Spine & Joint Center, these problems are addressed through specific muscle stretching, joint manipulation, rehab exercises, and proper advice. For more information please visit WWW.IMSJC.COM or call 615-302-4747 and as always, Get In Motion Spring Hill.