Chiropractic At In Motion

The profession of chiropractic is a resource that means something different to almost everyone.  Rightfully so, because there are so many differences among each office you visit or doctor you see.  In this week’s article, I would like to describe what chiropractic means at In Motion Spine & Joint Center.

All doctors of chiropractic are trained very extensively in the diagnosis of disease, just as medical doctors, almost 300 total credit hours of classes.  Beyond general diagnosis training, the differences begin. 

One difference among chiropractors is their orthopedic training.  The doctors at In Motion are well trained to diagnose injuries from meniscus tears in the knee, bursitis at the hip, disc injuries in the spine, or labral tears of the shoulder.  Some offices choose to narrow their focus to the spine only.

Many chiropractors use electric stimulation or heat to relax tight muscles.  Dr. Hawkins feel that long term benefit is achieved through releasing specific muscles that are loading joints of the spine or extremities without modalities.  They are certified in the latest soft tissue techniques such as Active Release® or Graston®.   

Dr. Hawkins utilizes Motion Palpation Technique to analyze the movement of joints and manipulate them by hand.  Others may use instruments to vibrate the joint or drop tables to do the adjusting.  These are useful tools, and drop pieces are sometimes used for the right situations at In Motion.              

Another difference is in the rehab exercises extensively studied and prescribed at In Motion.  These exercises help us empower our patients to get the quickest and longest lasting results possible, allow us to treat unstable joints, and to help everyone from the elderly to elite athletes.  

This treatment takes time in the office.  The doctors spend personal, face-to-face time with their patients at each visit both doing the manual therapy and going over reviews and updates on rehab. 

So, at In Motion Spine and Joint Center, chiropractic means the diagnosis and hands-on conservative treatment for any musculoskeletal condition.  Please visit our website at to find out if chiropractic would be a helpful resource to help your condition.