Fascia - What Is It? Why Are You Treating It...or More Importantly, Why Is My Doctor Not Treating It?

Fascia is an extensive system of connective tissue. It not only separates muscles and tissues from one another, it also connects them to one another. Our fascia is comprised of collagen and elastin whose purpose is to support, lubricate and transport tissue fluids to every muscle, nerve, bone, organ and blood vessel in our body. Imagine a web of continuous thin tissue that goes from the top of our head to the tips of our fingers and toes and everywhere in between. For many years it was believed that fascia was merely a “binding material” for linking different tissues together. However, in recent years studies by Luigi Stecco and many others have proven that the fascia actually transports fluids and conducts tension between different tissues.

Excessive mechanical, chemical or traumatic irritation causes the fascia to become injured resulting in fascia that is less elastic and less slippery. This causes a decrease in its ability to coordinate muscles efficiently resulting in functional changes and pain usually follows. This also explains why prior injuries or problems in one area of our body can cause pain and altered function in another area of our body. In our office we will often treat an area of dysfunction that may or may not be the site of pain. Fascial restrictions are one of the more common dysfunctions that can cause pain or altered function to occur in other areas of the body. Treatment to the fascia is important to help minimize the risk of a repeat injury in those cases.

Fascia can be treated with various methods or a technique which includes, but not limited to Active Release Technique, Graston, FAKTR, cross-friction, massage therapy, trigger point therapy and dry needling to mention a few. The name of the treatment being performed is not what is important here, what is important is that treatment to the fascia is being performed.

Hopefully this helps explain the complexity of the fascial system and understand there is still much more to learn. We strive to stay abreast of new information and studies so we confidently say we are an evidence-based chiropractic manual therapy rehab facility….whew, that’s a lot! With the holiday season soon to be upon us, be safe and Happy Holidays!

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