IT Band Syndrome – what is it?

IT Band is short for Iliotibial Band which is a continuation of a small muscle on the side of your pelvis called the Tensa Fascia Lata (TFL). IT Band Syndrome most commonly occurs due to overuse. This problem commonly affects runners, especially those with hyperpronated feet (Flat-Feet) and those who do a lot of downhill running. IT Band Syndrome does also affect other athletic groups as well as non-athletes.

The most common symptom with IT band syndrome is knee pain. This pain can be on the outside or inside part of the knee, but is more commonly found on the outside. As mentioned previously, this condition and the associated pain is due to overuse. The reason the IT Band becomes overused is because another muscle is not "pulling its weight". If this is the case, the IT Band will become extremely tight, due to overuse, which will alter the mechanics of the knee. This increased tension and altered knee mechanics will cause many of the symptoms associated with IT Band Syndrome. If the symptoms get severe enough, it could lead to "popping" around the hip called "Snapping Syndrome of the Hip".

Once this condition is properly diagnosed, a multi-therapy approach that includes muscle release and specific exercises can take place. Active Release Technique (ART) is phenomenal when treating this condition, especially if the patient participates in their rehab exercises as prescribed. The results of a multi-therapy treatment approach are often very successful.

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