Trochanteric Bursitis – A Big Pain In The Hip

Pain focused around the widest part of the hip, that gets worse with activity, direct pressure, or crossing a leg could be Hip or Trochanteric Bursitis.  This condition results when the hip muscles apply too much pressure over the fluid filled bursa sac that lies over the hip bone. 

If you closely watch them walk, the people that have or will have this problem can be spotted.  With each step they usually have an exaggerated shift in their hips toward the foot that is planted.  This observation tells us that the muscles that should stabilize their hip, the Gluteus Medius for example, aren’t doing their job, it is “asleep”.  But, the body usually doesn’t fail when one muscle quits working; it compensates and uses the Tensor Fascia Latae muscle (TFL) that crosses right over that hip bursa.  If this muscle imbalance sticks around it will result in trochanteric bursitis.

Hip bursitis is typically a stubborn condition and requires a multi-faceted approach to resolve.  The TFL muscle that is irritating the bursa must be stretched.  The gluteus medius that is “asleep” must be rehabilitated and then the proper movement pattern restored during walking or one leg standing.  And, quite possibly the foot must be addressed, the foundation for the knee and hip.

At In Motion Spine & Joint Center we use multiple soft tissue techniques and functional rehabilitation to relieve the pain and correct the problem.  If you have any questions about this or other conditions please refer to or call 615-302-4747.