New Office Location

Within the next several weeks, In Motion Spine and Joint Center will have a new home.  Only 1.5 miles from our current location on Main Street in Spring Hill you will find an old familiar home with now new beginnings.  Over the past several months we have been converting this old home into a stunning new office space and we look forward to providing the same level of care at 5242 Main Street. Below is timeline of the front hall of the house as we have gone through the renovation.  As with any construction process and involvement with municipalities, the exact move date is not in concrete, however, we will be giving plenty of notice via our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as signs in the office.  Please be sure that we have your current contact info or click the links above and like our social media accounts to be up-to-date on the exciting changes taking place! Thanks to all that have been involved and helping along the way!